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Drop the "Certified" tag, guys!

Scrum Alliance has now launched its "Certified Scrum Developer" qualification. It's a seductive idea - hire people with this certification and they will have been pre-bootstrapped into an agile way of thinking and working, same as Certified Scrum Master. So why do I think it is such a bad idea?

It's taken a while to work it out, but I think I finally understand why I (and some others) don't like it. It's wordology. Pure and simple. "Certificate" and "Certification" carries a whole bunch of mental baggage.
Consider these two phrases:

"I attended a 5 day Object Oriented Design course""I am a Certified Object Oriented Designer"
I am referring to the exact same thing - way back in the Dark Ages I did indeed go on a week long course in OOAD. They gave me a certificate at the end, presumably because I turned up and didn't snore too loudly. Yet the first phrase carries far less authority than the second.

And here lies the …