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Discombobulation in Covidland

Discombobulated . My new favourite mot du jour  since it seems to perfectly capture what many people, myself included, are going through with this Covid-19 crisis and associated lockdown and limitations. From the OED: Does this sound familiar? That general feeling of disconnection, discomfort, even confusion caused by the sudden changes in the world recently. Perhaps an inability to concentrate, or the opposite, wanting to zone out deeper than ever. Perhaps your sleep patterns have changed, or the way you eat (maybe more than usual, maybe less), or your caffeine or alcohol consumption. Feeling a little more grumpy/intolerant? Everyone will react differently. One thing is certain. Everyone's cheese has most definitely been moved, and with minimal warning. Before I go further, I have one important piece of reassurance for everyone who is feeling the effects of this lockdown, whatever these effects may be. You are OK. It's normal. Here in the UK, Chris Witty, the UK C