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I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but I’m not very active on Twitter any more. No, it’s not the annoying “While you were away” pseudo-window that is keeping me away. Nor is it the Facebook-esque ‘heart’ button (WTF?). Nor is it the endless supply of advertising bots and idiots that seem to frequent the service (I have most of them filtered out)   It’s not even the regular misaddressed tweets meant for the Thirsty Bear Brewing Co in San Fransisco (fine fellows, and purveyors of fine beery comestibles that they are!) Nope. None of the above. It’s the distraction. On 5th November 2008, at 0525 (allegedly - I suspect there’s some sort of timezone shenanigans going on there…those who know me realise I am not a morning person) I wrote my first Tweet: "Trying out this Twitter thing….”) Since that date I’ve got involved in all kinds of interesting discussions, mostly around software development, and often with the Great and the Good of the agile community -