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Goodbye Twitter, Hello Mastodon

  Well, it has been a rollercoaster ride on Twitter, arguably the most popular microblogging site ever for a long time. Most recently it has been bought by a billionaire who seems to have a flair for destroying the brand. With the removal of effective moderation, and subsequent deterioration in interactions especially towards minority groups, as well as the truly abysmal treatment of the Twitter staff since the takeover, I can no longer support the site. My Twitter account is now parked for the foreseeable future to avoid any risk of impersonation, and it is currently locked. Don't expect any interaction any time soon. Instead I can now be found on Mastodon - an open source, distributed network of social networking servers. Some of the deliberate design choices Mastodon has made seem to have made the interactions there much more valuable, and less inclined towards polarisation of views and deliberately manufactured conflict. Put simply, it simply seems to be a friendlier and more v