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Updated: Good, Bad, Puzzling Retrospective

By popular is a blow-by-blow run through of the simple 60 minute 'Good, Bad, Puzzling' retrospective format that I use. Have fun using it.  Good, Bad, Puzzling Retrospective Introductions and checkin (10 minutes) Start off the retrospective by getting people to “check in”. That is, invite them to speak early on, focussing on what is being reviewed. This makes them feel like they are part of the meeting, and implicitly invites them to actively participate. I normally use something like: Describe the last Sprint in 3 words If the last Sprint was a Star Trek/Star Wars/South Park character, which one would it be? What colour was the last Sprint? ...and so on.... Get creative! Once everyone has checked in, you need to create a “safe zone” where the Sprint can be discussed without blame. Everyone needs to agree that everyone in the Sprint always acted as best they could under the circumstances at the time, and to accept that anything th