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Saving the SOLID posters for Posterity

Back in 2009, a fine developer for Los Techies produced a set of mocked up motivational posters representing the SOLID principles . She was even kind enough to release them under a Creative Commons license. But as is the way of all things, internet rust has set in and the images have been unlinked from the original article during an archive exercise - but they live on throughout the internet! I have collected the images here - and would like to say " Thank you, River Lynn Bailey ". This is a great, amusing and educational resource for everyone.

Chris for hire - Agile Software Delivery and Coaching

Coronavirus seems to be here to stay, I have run out of odd little projects, and the cats are demanding a new climbing tower to replace the one they have it's time to find a new contract. Here goes with some shameless self-promotion. (Hat-tip to Steve Smith for the format) Who am I?  I am Chris Pitts ,  Boss Bear at Thirsty Bear Solutions. I’m a polymath consultant with a wide range of skills from multiple disciplines; a “ Jack of All Trades, Master of Some ”, if you will. I am an experienced test-infected developer, personal and business coach, a leader, trusted advisor and team whisperer. But first and foremost I help organisations with Software Delivery using iterative, continuous delivery, automated testing, test driven development, and code craft. I help teams and organisations find their mojo. I know a lot about technology choices, tradeoffs and pitfalls, but I am not afraid to say “ I don’t know - let’s figure it out ”, and get hands on keyboard alongside the t