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A bit of a Spring Clean

As regulars will have noted I'm having a bit of a spring clean of the blog layout - new title, template etc.

Feedback and reports of weirdness welcome - contact me here.

A note on electronic agile tools

It’s always a bit of a shock when you get unexpected feedback, especially from someone who you have known for a while. It happened to me quite recently with a conversation that went something like this:

Friend: “You’re dead against agile tools, aren’t you?” Me (confused): “Erm...not exactly....” Friend: “But didn’t you persuade several teams in <major co> to throw out <agile tool vendor> the other year?” Me: “Not me. The team simply decided that the tools were not providing value to the way they worked...” However, thinking back I think I can see how some people have formed the misconception that I think agile tools are Satan’s Spawn, and should be eradicated at every opportunity in favour of a simple pen, 5x3 cards and at a push an Excel spreadsheet. Reality, as always, is a little different....

My view is that many teams prematurely select an “agile tool” before they know what they need. Teams (and departments, and companies) are like kids in a sweetshop when it comes to…