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What is "Coaching"?

Anyone who knows me, or follows my posts on social media, will know that I have been studying for a Post Graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching with Chester University. It is a fantastic journey, and has most definitely helped me understand myself in greater depth, as well as has helping my coachees! But the term " coaching " seems to be creating some confusion. Which is somewhat unsurprising as someone who has marketed themselves as an “ Agile Coach ” since 2005, it would be perfectly reasonable to assume the “coaching” training I am doing has something to do with agile processes and teams. Except nothing could be further from the truth… So if it’s not related to " agile coaching ", what on earth is this " personal/business coaching " thing? Let us start by describing what I do when “coaching” a software team in agility. “Agile” 1 has a well defined set of values, practices and principles that define it 2 , 3 . Stray from these, a