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What is "Coaching"?

Anyone who knows me, or follows my posts on social media, will know that I have been studying for a Post Graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching with Chester University. It is a fantastic journey, and has most definitely helped me understand myself in greater depth, as well as has helping my coachees!

But the term "coaching" seems to be creating some confusion. Which is somewhat unsurprising as someone who has marketed themselves as an “Agile Coach” since 2005, it would be perfectly reasonable to assume the “coaching” training I am doing has something to do with agile processes and teams. Except nothing could be further from the truth…

So if it’s not related to "agile coaching", what on earth is this "personal/business coaching" thing?

Let us start by describing what I do when “coaching” a software team in agility. “Agile”1 has a well defined set of values, practices and principles that define it2,3. Stray from these, and you are no longer…