It's finally happened....

Well, it's finally happened. After ages of deliberation, soul searching mixed in with good measures of apathy and procrastination I have started a Blog. So what finally gave me the boot up the proverbial backside to do this? Primarily an excellent blog entry from Steve Yegge explaining why everyone should start a Blog.

What will be in here? Good question. But I suspect it is going to be my thoughts, experiences and opinions in the field of software development, especially in agile processes. In addition it gives me somewhere to document all those irritating two-days-to-solve-a-simple-problem solutions for the amusement of others that knew the answer all along (and hopefully help at least one other person struggling to solve the same problem...).

So bear with me while I work out how this blog-thing will work in the Real World - always the hardest thing for an engineer.