Travelling Light

I like to travel light. I hate carrying things, especially big, bulky laptops. But as part of my work I need to take notes, and also have access to a range of reference materials that can be used to help some Teams to understand what I am explaining - slideshows, summary documents etc can help get the agile message across. The problem is I often don't know that I need a specific document until I need it. I also have a (growing!) backlog of blog entries that need thinking about and finishing - it would be nice to be able to work on these when I can wherever I am but without the encumberance of a laptop.

In order to solve this 'write once access anywhere problem' I have been playing with the online storage service provided by Omnidrive to provide a central location for data I use regularly and "in progress" documents. The system integrates Zoho Writer with the storage so documents can be edited online anywhere - but also they can be posted to a blog. This looked promising except the version of Zoho integrated with Omnidrive won't post to Blogger.

Yet all is not lost! Zoho also host documents, so it should be able to store work in progress online to be picked up later and published from anywhere.

The proof as always is in the actual doing rather than the talking (we value working software over up to date documentation, remember). So hopefully this experimental entry will publish to the blog in one piece...!