"I wouldn't start from here"

There’s an old joke that goes something like this:

“A driver is lost in the darkest depths of the countryside trying to find his way back to the hotel where he is staying. In desperation he pulls over to ask directions from one of the locals. “Excuse me”, he says, “Can you direct me to the Hotel please?”. The local looks at him for a moment, sucks his teeth and says “I wouldn’t start from ‘ere, Bor’”.

When switching to agile processes there is a temptation to not “start from here”, but to try and create a sort of alternative reality before you start where it will be easier to migrate to the new process. This misses the point.

To “be agile” you need to
  • Have the honesty to recognise where you are right now
  • Have the courage to admit where you are, warts’n’all
  • Now fix it one step at a time
  • Repeat...


  1. someone please explain the joke to me?

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