Planning Poker Cards Prototype Deck

Finally.... I have finished a full suit of Thirsty Bear Software Planning Poker cards:

OK, it's still a prototype built from laminated pouches, inkjet printouts and a lot of patience, but they make a huge difference to the flow of a Planning Game. Even using a small subset (0, 1, 2, 3 and '?') has a significant impact by removing the "follow the leader" behaviour that conventional planning encourages.

Now to find a printer that can supply a small run as "real" playing cards.....


  1. Chris,

    Just started looking at this style of planning in our company, and wondered if you ever found a "professional solution" for producing planning poker cards ?

    The only sets I see are from the US (high shipping) and I'm convinced I can find a bunch of "cards with numbers" for a reasonable price in the UK !


  2. Unfortunately this is still 'pending', but I intend to get decks out there within a month or so after a rebranding exercise.

    Watch this space!

  3. How about using a couple of decks of Wot cards... you know, the kids game?

  4. Karl Mowbray8/25/2010 1:48 pm

    Still watching this space...

    Really don't want to pay $30 shipping for a $2.50 pack of cards! :)

    May have to make my own with the laminator...

  5. Hi Karl

    I must admit that I'm still looking for a printer that can do small (tiny by most standards) run of quality cards without a huge overhead. If there's enough interest I might do a larger run - I'll do some numbers and post it to gauge interest & see if I can break even.

  6. They look great but probably the cost of transport will be to much

  7. I think this project is well and truly parked. Aside from not being able to find a printer able to produce quality small runs for a sensible price, I am finding I am getting more benefits from using a flow-based approach to planning that doesn't need such involved estimation (yes, it's even more lightweight!). I'll write about this over Christmas inbetween turkey and mince pies....

  8. Since I ended up here looking for exactly this, I thought I'd share my solution:


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