Would you like to buy an agile?

"You want to buy an agile? We sell you an agile. Very cheap. Very easy."

Doesn't make sense, does it? And yet many companies accept equally nonsensical marketing speak because they want to "do agile".

"Agile" is not a physical thing that can simply be bought or sold; it's not a commodity. It is a concept. A philosophy. A mindset. A way of thinking. You cannot just be handed one to use. It requires you to make a fundamental change in yourself. If you are not prepared to invest in that change, then you are wasting your time and money trying to achieve the goal. You have simply bought an agile, and put it on a pedestal in the corner. "Look, that's our agile. Do you like it?" (actually no. It's a dodgy colour and clashes with the curtains....)

Equally, any company claiming to be able to implement agile simply by putting in place a simple process is making the same mistake. Unless an organisation changes the way it thinks at every level, it will never see the true benefits of agile.

So beware any company prepared to sell you an agile (especially at inflated consultancy rates). Caveat Emptor.

(Thanks to David Putman for the original phrase)