New Services Available!

Exciting news!

Folks may have noticed that I have been quiet of late. Well, I have been expanding the range of skills that Thirsty Bear Software can offer.

I am pleased to announce that we can now offer Personal and Business Coaching services.

I am now a trained Barefoot Coach. It is worth pointing out that this coaching service is completely different from what folks call "Agile Coaching" - this kind of coaching is aimed fairly and squarely at helping individuals, teams and businesses unlock their potential and maximise their own performance. Not a Scrum, unit test or continuous integration in sight (although I can still help with that tech stuff if needed - that is a service we still provide). No doubt I will be publishing an article soon on the difference between the two, but for now I hope that definition is enough. If you would like to know more, then please do get in touch.

However, this is just the first step on a longer journey, leading to both a Postgraduate Certificate with Chester University, and also to accreditation with the International Coach Federation. Both of these qualifications have a significant hands-on element - actually walking the walk and doing it. And so I am excited to offer a limited number of free* coaching places on a first come-first served basis.

I'll say that again in case anyone missed it:
Get in touch for more information. Briefly, I am based in the UK southern counties. Face to face is always best, but I am happy to use a high quality video link if you are further away.

* 6 hours' worth of "free" (as in "beer") coaching sessions. All I ask is for honest feedback, and if you find the sessions useful then a recommendation that I can use.